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A Sanctuary Cherishing the Minority Contributing Most to Modern Society
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White men who feel increasingly disrespected throughout the world are welcome here. This sanctuary cherishes the minority who has contributed most to modern society. To restore the world to a place where white men are welcome and even honored, we recommend the following calls to action:

  1. Boycott Haters. Stop buying the brands of companies that underrepresent and disrespect white men.

  2. Arm Yourselves. Carry mace, a taser, knife, handgun, or whatever you're comfortable using.

  3. Travel Together. White men are usually attacked while alone.

  4. Help Eachother. When you see white men being attacked, don't just stand there and do nothing.

  5. Have Children. At least three to be specific.

  6. End "Affirmative" Action. This is institutional anti white male racism.

  7. End Abortion. Except in the case of severe birth defect, rape, or risk of death to the mother during child birth.

  8. Banish Terrorists. Enact laws that instead of incarcerate, revoke the citizenship of, and deport criminals repeatedly demonstrating their hatred your country.